Together, we QC sciences!


This is a website to review scientists.


Why do we want to review scientists? Because we want to generate a database that is large enough to be used as a reference for prospective trainees. Our hope is that can be used as a reference for prospective trainees (undergraduate and postgraduate trainees, including Ph.D. students, master students, postdoctoral fellows and MD/PhD trainees) to identify the best mentor or advisor to help with their personal and career growth scores scientists based on qualities important for laboratory settings (mentorship, communication, data transparency). Reviewers (usually past/present trainees, co-workers, research assistants) can assess the qualities of scientists by answering a series of multiple choice questions, thereby providing information to prospective trainees regarding those qualities that are important for career development


Our Mission

We want to provide a platform for prospective trainees to acquire knowledge about an individuals’ past or present trainees and others who have worked with and around them. Our goal is to provide the trainee with detailed and honest reviews about what it is like to work for a certain mentor.


In addition, our hope is that this platform will be used to improve scientific accountability across the board. Together, we can promote good scientists who are great at mentoring and have good scientific ethics. We can also filter out the number of mentors who are consistently abusive or lack scientific integrity by warning trainees before they unknowingly walk into this type of laboratory.


Let us work together to Quality Control science!  In long run, we can make published data more reliable and reproducible, divert the research funding from scientists who lack scientific integrity, and help young scientists select a better and more suitable mentor for their career.

Together, we can make a change!

Our Story

Each of us behind the scenes at is either a fresh Ph.D. graduate, new or experienced postdoctoral fellow, or Ph.D. who is now successful in industry or other areas of academia. We all understand how important, yet difficult, it is to find a mentor who is suitable for YOU.


We have seen abusive mentors overwork their trainees without a care for their professional careers. We have heard first-hand about scientists who fabricated their data to publish in reputable journals and to secure funding. Thankfully, we have also seen great mentors who cared for their trainees and helped them succeed. Unfortunately, we have also seen great mentors who had few trainees and could not secure funding in this volatile economy.


We want to help potential students and postdocs avoid feeling “stuck” in an environment with a mentor they do not trust. We want to promote those who help the scientific community thrive; those who invest themselves in the future of science through promoting their trainees and ethical values.


We built this website for everyone who deeply cares about scientific research - for everyone who is searching for the best mentors to learn from in order to successfully contribute to our fascinating world.


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