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  • April 9, 2017

Something happened today. Good or bad. Suddenly, you want to review a researcher you interacted today. You heard about this website where you can leave a testimonial for a scientist who had helped you (or you want to review a scientist for a completely different reason). You come to this website and search his/her name. Then you realize that you can’t find this particular scientist in the search result. What do you do? Here I share some screenshots to guide you through the process.


Fist of all, to review a scientist, you must register at least as a free member. Go to the search bar, and search for the scientist’s name

Key in the name of the expert in the search bar




If the scientist you’re looking for is not shown in the search result, click the link as follow:




Key in the basic information of the scientist on this page. Key in as many keywords as possible in the “Expertise” section to facilitate searches from others. Click “Create”


Make sure the profile is successfully created.


Search the scientist’s name again and you should find his/her name being shown in the search result


Click the name of the scientist’s name, and start reviewing this scientist by clicking the “Review this expert” button:


Be as objective and honest as you can, and also try to include more information in the “other comments” section in each of the quality you are reviewing. This will provide more information regarding the scientist, thereby increasing the authenticity and validity of the review.

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