Are you a good scientist?

After reading the title, the first thing that might occur in your brain is that, what is the definition of ‘good scientist’ and how about ‘bad scientist’?   Let’s focus on the definition of “good scientist”. There are many definitions for the adjective “good”. However when we are trying to describe a professional as “good”,… continue reading.

Our deepest condolence — Professor Stephen Hawking has passed away

Just saw the news that, one of the brightest theoretical physicist, Prof Stephen Hawking, has passed away. Indeed, like his children, Lucy, Robert and Tim said in a statement, He was a great scientist and an extraordinary man whose work and legacy will live on for many years You may go to this link to… continue reading.

Congratulation to the birth of Zhong Zhong and Hua Hua — The first monkey clones

One of the biggest scientific breakthrough yet in year 2018: the technique that produced Dolly the sheep more than two decades ago was successfully used to clone monkeys. This is the first successful cloning of nonhuman primates since the birth of Dolly the sheep in year 1996. One interesting point to note is that, it… continue reading.

Law Suits in Science

It’s been a very interesting month for QCist.com. When building this website, I planned to write an original blog at least every month. I failed to do so in the month of October, mainly because of some major changes in my career. In addition, QCist, LLC also received its first legal action notice related to… continue reading.

The journal, Oncotarget, is not currently being indexed in MEDLINE (but is still being archived by PubMed)

Updated 20th Sept 2017: Part of this blog has been edited and changed due to the erroneous information, specifically, you can still search and find articles published in OncoTarget because it will be continued to be archived in PubMed. We also removed the name of the journal “Oncotarget” from the paragraph “There are various reason… continue reading.