Law Suits in Science

It’s been a very interesting month for QCist.com. When building this website, I planned to write an original blog at least every month. I failed to do so in the month of October, mainly because of some major changes in my career. In addition, QCist, LLC also received its first legal action notice related to… continue reading.

The journal, Oncotarget, is not currently being indexed in MEDLINE (but is still being archived by PubMed)

Updated 20th Sept 2017: Part of this blog has been edited and changed due to the erroneous information, specifically, you can still search and find articles published in OncoTarget because it will be continued to be archived in PubMed. We also removed the name of the journal “Oncotarget” from the paragraph “There are various reason… continue reading.

Top 3 bizarre (and wrong) scientific misconducts

In my previous posts, I have discussed some examples of wrong ways to carry out an experiment or analyze data. Disclaimer: these top examples are all from my personal experience, meaning I have talked to people who personally thought what they were doing was correct, or that what they were being told to do was… continue reading.

Why QCist.com?

It has been about 3 months since we launched the website, QCist.com. However, we clearly forgot to explain the obvious question. Why are we creating and working on this website?   First, why is it called QCist?   Well, QC stands for Quality Control and we are hoping to control the quality (scientific integrity, mentoring… continue reading.

“Should I stay, or should I go,” how to navigate the decision to leave your current mentor for another.

Written by Dr. Candice Thomas   So, you have researched the lab that you joined and labored over it for several months. Perhaps, if you are a graduate student, you did a rotation in that laboratory for a few months. Yet, here you are at the point of asking yourself if you should leave the… continue reading.